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Purpose and usage

Scientific Toolbox is a combination of multiple useful utilities, aimed at people that study scientific subjects. The application provides an array of advanced functions for handling different number operations. The software can also be used to calculate various conversions between SI-units and their derivatives.

On the other hand, Scientific Toolbox provides a large and comprehensive collection of formulas that are commonly used within multiple courses such as mathematics, chemistry and physics. The formulas are described in detail, so that they become easily comprehended by students and others who have interest in science. The application provides also illustrations for formulas that are tightly bound to geometrical calculations. Therefore, Scientific Toolbox is the perfect companion on any science lesson!

Product highlights

  • Advanced mathematical operations and calculations
  • Unit conversion
  • Complete collection of scientific formulas
  • Customisable answering
  • Radians and degrees supported
  • Option to save mathematical expressions
  • Custom rounding alternatives
  • Radix conversion
  • Medical operations